It’s never easy to write about oneself. To make it easier on me I will use bullet points.

·         Erick Marquez
·         18 Years of Age
·         Straight
·         Los Angeles, CA
·         VAPA High School Graduate
·         Csun Freshman (Deaf Studies Major)
·         Actor (Musicals and Straight plays)
·         Musician (Flute, Piano, Percussion)
·         Cat owner

My background


I started playing instruments in 6th grade. I started with playing the flute and I played it throughout middle school. In high school I learned how to play percussion which included the Piano. I don’t play the piano like a pro though. Give me some sheet music and some time and I’ll be able to play. I took Music Theory AP my sophomore year but didn’t pass the test because I fell asleep.


My first production was The Wizard of Oz in 5th grade. I was not in another production till second semester of my sophomore year. I was in the Musical “Hello, Dolly!”.

  • Sophomore Year
  • Hello, Dolly!
  • Junior Year
  • The Shadow Box
  • David and Lisa
  • Dreamgirls (Tech)
  • Senior Year
  • Twelfth Night (twice)
  • Musical Fools
  • Guys and Dolls
  • The Rocky Horror Show

I was able to direct my first show with a good friend of mine. We put up a production of The Rocky Horror Show in a week.


I don’t have much photography training. I just like to do it. I have taken many pictures for my high school year book at events.


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