Giving people a voice

To the few that know, I will be an incoming freshman this next week to CSU: Northridge. I am pretty excited I guess. I spent most of my summer on campus because I had to take some classes and I honestly just love the campus.
On Tuesday, I had orientation. I am a Deaf Studies major. Now, the only problem with this (a problem I had no idea existed until orientation) is that this major is ruled by the female gender. Me being a straight teen age boy, this has it’s pros and cons.

  1. There are many girls to pick from


  1. It’s going to be impossible to get any guy friends
  2. I can get friend zoned by the whole student population in Deaf Studies
  3. Little freedom in choosing room mates

In this case, It might seem like I shouldn’t just be in this major.
But, there isn’t anything that I am more passionate about.

There are very few people who know about what I think my place in the world is.
I believe that I was put on this earth to give people who don’t have a voice, a voice. Both figuratively and literally
Figuratively is with my passion for theatre. I love to be in productions that have a meaning, and these most happen to be dramatic straight plays.
Literally because I want to be able to help the deaf community to get what they need to say out.

Everyone has a voice, and it ought to be heard.


Everything becomes something else

Well, It’s just another day of not knowing what I want. 
I just need a place where I want to post ANYTHING I want.
And since I’m going to be going to college in a week,
I just need to have somewhere to put these experienced up.
If you follow me, thanks for being interested

Carpe Noctem

There has always been something captivating about the night.
The energy
The darkness
The secrecy
The danger
The freedom
I seize the night
The day has already been conquered.
The night is left alone
The night has been left untouched
I seize the night
The moon
The thing I thrive to be
But known and adored by many
I seize the night.

It’s the bitch of living, with nothing going on.

Nothing is going on.
At this very moment, stuck in my room.
2 am
Getting deeper and deeper into the bed.
No plans for when the sun rises.
Just to continue to sink
Until a siren, a piercing call, pulls you away.
Stuck in a cage.
It’s the bitch of living,
There is nothing going on.
All i want to do is to continue to sink,
It’s seems like the only thing keeping me from going