Giving people a voice

To the few that know, I will be an incoming freshman this next week to CSU: Northridge. I am pretty excited I guess. I spent most of my summer on campus because I had to take some classes and I honestly just love the campus.
On Tuesday, I had orientation. I am a Deaf Studies major. Now, the only problem with this (a problem I had no idea existed until orientation) is that this major is ruled by the female gender. Me being a straight teen age boy, this has it’s pros and cons.

  1. There are many girls to pick from


  1. It’s going to be impossible to get any guy friends
  2. I can get friend zoned by the whole student population in Deaf Studies
  3. Little freedom in choosing room mates

In this case, It might seem like I shouldn’t just be in this major.
But, there isn’t anything that I am more passionate about.

There are very few people who know about what I think my place in the world is.
I believe that I was put on this earth to give people who don’t have a voice, a voice. Both figuratively and literally
Figuratively is with my passion for theatre. I love to be in productions that have a meaning, and these most happen to be dramatic straight plays.
Literally because I want to be able to help the deaf community to get what they need to say out.

Everyone has a voice, and it ought to be heard.